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Trusted Technical Advisor for your IoT projects

With over 25 years of experience in the IoT industry, from Embedded to Edge to Cloud, OB Tech can advise you on strategy, architecture, technologies and platforms choices.

Whether you are starting your digital transformation journey or already have an IoT solution, platform or product in place, OB Tech can be at your side to help you navigate the complex, ever evolving and critical field that IoT is.

Developers are key stakeholders for any platform or solution that aims to be integrated into broader applications and systems. They are the ones who will use, test, and provide feedback on the features and functionalities of the platform or solution. Therefore, it is essential to have a developer relations strategy that can build awareness and trust among developer communities. OB Tech offer services to accompany you in creating and executing such a strategy, from defining the goals and target audiences, creating technical content, to engaging developers through various channels to attract, retain, and empower them so they become advocates and influencers for your platform or solution.

Developer Relations expert

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