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My name is Olivier Bloch, I live near Seattle, WA with my wonderful family.

I love outdoors, sports, a good BBQ with friends in the backyard, I have a passion for IoT, experience in developer relations and a knack for simplifying complex technical topics (as you can see on the IoT Show).

This passion and experience are built on 20+ years working as and with IoT developers, first as an embedded real-time developer and consultant, as a Developer Advocate and IoT Program Manager for Microsoft. Over the last few years, I was given the change to lead a team of talented developer advocates to champion Microsoft's engagement with IoT developers.

I also spent 3 years with Microsoft Open Technologies between 2012 and 2015, engaging with open source communities and open standard bodies on topics going from Web and JavaScript to gaming and IoT.

You can find me on LinkedIn and on X (Twitter), let's connect!

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